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Image of owner, Krystyna, sitting in a chair holding a candle

Krystyna Williams

Hey I’m Krystyna!

Why Candles? Well, candles have a way of shifting our moods and know personally smelling a great candle makes me feel amazing inside. Whether you are experiencing a relaxing service, in the comfort of your home, or shopping in your favorite store the environment and aroma matter.

I needed a hobby during the pandemic to keep me busy and add a little self-care to my day to day. One of my favorite self-care treats has always been candles. I started mixing great fragrances that simply take you away. I quickly realized after sharing my candles with family and friends that I wanted this to be more than a hobby. I wanted to share the peace I found and wonderful fragrances in my candles with the world.

KW&CO. Candle Company is all about enhancing your everyday home experience and self-care.